“I like nothing better than seeing effort, time and energy directed toward meaningful outcomes. In the busy-ness of business, people can miss what links activity to results. Gaining a shared understanding of how a business¬†really works can increase efficiency in decision making and minimize unproductive conflict.”

Chris Irwin is a Principal at Measure of Success Inc., a consultancy that partners with organizations to support, monitor and improve performance by aligning activity with priorities. He spent the first years of his career living and working in Japan where he was involved in training and development (skills/language/cultural training and curriculum development), as well as in communication (stakeholder management, writing and translating). This included time at the Disney entity that oversees Tokyo Disneyland. He has since held various roles in the social sector and broader public sector, as well as in the private sector in sales/business development.

He brings his insights into collaboration as a university lecturer and professional trainer as a coach at Mind Gym, where his client experience spans industries and geographies. He has been with the Health Leadership and Learning Network (York University) since 2008, where he is program director for Leadership programs. In addition to being an educator, Chris is also a lifelong learner and can often be found with a book (or notebook) in his hands. Chris has an MBA (Schulich, 2006) and a BCom (McGill, 1994).

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